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Want to learn how to make health easier?

Tune in for this bite-sized podcast episode with Paul Moffat of the Arista Wealth Podcast.

Arista Wealth Podcast

 Some of the questions we tackle:
  • Why is it so hard to implement healthy habits?
  • What mental patterns most commonly get in the way?
  • How do we increase happiness in our day-to-day lives?
  • How do we automate health habits?

We discuss the subconscious vs. the conscious mind, and how to train our brains to experience the kind of thoughts we want to be having and ultimately the life they want to have!

We talk about how to make habits consistent. The goal is not the one-time practice (like exercise, meditation, journaling, eating a certain way, etc.). Instead, the goal is becoming the kind of person who does the practice every day: it's becoming a runner, a meditator, a person who's in touch with their body's needs, etc.

And lastly, I shared some tips for navigating the holidays, though they can be used really any time of year for any special occasion. :) 

Listen here.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

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