Journaling Exercise: Become the Person You Want to Be

behavior change big dreams future self growth mindset health habits identity evolution Jan 22, 2021

In my Happy Healthy Habits program, we have ground rules. These ground rules help us create a supportive container and a dynamic group.

One of my favorite ground rules is Nurture Identity Evolution.

This is all about identifying the person you want to become, and leaning into that identity.

Without doing the work of shifting our identities, we can't actually change our habits long-term. Our default will always be to fall back into the identity we currently have. If you want to be someone who exercises every day, you can't think of yourself as 'lazy' or 'slothy.' If you want to be be someone who eats in a way that serves their body's needs, you can't think of yourself as 'unhealthy' or 'always falling off the wagon.'

You have to actually change your identity to match the behaviors you want to have.

Check out the video above to start learning about identity evolution (and don't mind my dark background in the video 😅), then do this exercise to start shifting your own identity:

Write this statement on a piece of paper: "I'm becoming the kind of person who..."

Then write out the kind of person you want to become next. Add details. What does that person look like? How does that person show up in the world? Who do they spend time with? What does their day-to-day look like? The more detailed you get, the better.

Then I'd love to hear from you! Who are you becoming next?

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