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Change your habits. Change your life.

Ready to transform your health – and your life? To finally embody the energy, clarity, and capacity to do the things that really matter to you?

✨ In order to do what you love...
✨ In order to feel lit up by life...
✨ In order to feel deeply fulfilled...
You need your health and wellbeing – body, mind, and spirit. And I'm here to help you get there.

Your capacity to focus on your purpose and passion in this lifetime comes down to feeling like you have enough energy, focus, and bandwidth.

And that energy, focus, and bandwidth comes down to getting a handle on your health and optimizing your mindset. But you already know that, or you wouldn't be here. :) 

It's my goal to help you completely transform your health and mindset to become the unstoppable force you know deep down you're meant to be. To uncover your deepest potential. To show up for life the way you truly want to. Every. Single. Day.

Let's get started!

Work with me

Happy Healthy Habits Coaching Program

My Happy Healthy Habits coaching program is the step-by-step program you've been searching for to actually follow through on your health and wellness goals.

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Ayurveda: The Key to Your Success™ Mini-Course

This mini-course is a collaboration with Dr. Nicole Cain and myself, all about harnessing the wisdom of Ayurveda to create a blueprint for your health, wealth, success, and fulfillment.

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Habit Change Master Class

In this hour-long workshop, we’ll dive DEEP into the mindset shifts and habit change strategies you never really hear about in the wellness industry. Finally achieve health and lifestyle changes that actually stick!

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Dosha Quiz

Discover your Ayurveda mind-body constitution so you can work to balance it and optimize your health.

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Vision Board

Create your own vision board with this done-for-you template! Plug in the photos & written goals you want this year, and set it as your phone background.

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Healthy Habits Quiz

Take the Healthy Habits quiz to figure out which habit could have the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing!

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Hi, I'm Hadlee!

I'm a health coach whose mission is to guide you to implement essential habits for a thriving body, mind, and spirit. My passion is to help people feel better in their bodies, have a better relationship with food, and become less stressed and more joyful in their day-to-day lives.

Growing up, I felt so self-conscious about my body from a very young age, and was completely disconnected from its needs. This manifested in disordered eating, giving away my authority and control to external 'rules' and programs to try to be healthy, and ultimately being sick, exhausted, riddled with psoriasis, heavy, depressed, overwhelmed, irritable, and feeling totally hopeless when it came to my health – and what I wanted to do with my life.And that's when I finally found a way out of all of this. I'd love to say that I was an overnight success, but it took a number years to really find my way from that version of me to the thriving, exuberant, healthy, happy human I am today. And my passion is to help you get there faster, more efficiently, and having so much more FUN along the way! Because health doesn't have to be so freaking SERIOUS. You can absolutely experience the health – and day-to-day life – you want without all the stress, struggle, and overwhelm. And I can't wait to show you how!

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Will you take the leap to transform your health & mindset?

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Change your habits. Change your life.