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What is Happy Healthy Habits?


The Happy Healthy Habits program aims to empower, encourage, and guide health-seeking individuals to implement essential habits for a thriving body, mind, and spirit.

It is founded in modern science, Ayurveda, and behavior change strategy.

Participants experience increased energy on a daily basis, gain greater confidence, cultivate a better relationship with food, and become less stressed and more joyful in their day-to-day lives.

They learn to trust their intuition and implement the Happy, Healthy Habits they need to thrive!

What will you focus on in Happy Healthy Habits?


Feel amazing in your body by incorporating essential habits into your daily routine.


Break out of the old beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck in order to live the day-to-day life you want.


Automating these essential health habits frees you to start doing the things you really want in your life.

From the community

"I am beyond grateful (and Happy) that I decided to join HHH! I have seen and felt myself transform into the person I knew was there, but didn't quite have the resources and inner motivation to find. I have learned that even on my “off” days, I’m able to learn and grow and use that as ammo for the next days down the line to become the best version of myself."

 MJ, Hawaii

"Hadlee has helped me shift my mindset about health. Rather than relying on motivation, I've developed skills to troubleshoot my own behaviors so that I can feel my best. She has helped me think deeply about the kind of person I want to be, and from there, helped me work backwards so that I can successfully accomplish them."

Jessie, Washington

"I’ve taken courses, participated in therapies, attended retreats, read books, and listened to podcasts to support my personal growth over the years. But none have hit home quite like HHH. This course has helped strengthen my values and knowledge surrounding self-care. I now feel so much better both emotionally and physically."

— Micco, Washington

Hi, I'm Hadlee!


After struggling for years to find my own health and happiness, I finally realized that how I lived my life came down to my day-to-day habits.

I combine the concepts of behavioral science, the habits of Ayurveda, evidence-based research, and group dynamics to help my clients make influential and sustainable change in their lives.


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