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optimize your health. Up-level your mindset. unlock your potential.

You know you were meant for more.

If you're here reading this page right now, I'm going to guess it means that you want results. You have big goals and dreams, and you want so much more than what you're currently experiencing.

You're ready for massive success. And you know that massive success in any area of your life is impossible without two things: 

1. Your optimal health

2. Your high performance mindset

With these two things, you know you'd be unstoppable. You know you'd have the energy, the focus, the capacity to truly achieve your dream life.

You know you would feel amazing, be able to show up for yourself and others the way you want, and finally make the impact you were born to make.

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You can't afford to keep putting off your health.

Let me know if any of these sound like you:

You feel stressed about your health, worrying about all the things you “should” be doing. If you didn’t have to think about all of it so much, you’d have so much more capacity to do the things you really love!

You feel like this “adulting” thing is way too hard. You want to feel like you have your sh*t together, but for some reason you feel like everyone else has figured it all out except you.

You’ve heard it’s possible to listen to your body and your intuition, which sounds great! But you also don’t really get it.… Is it a metaphor? You feel disconnected from your body and what it’s trying to communicate with you…

You know you “should” love your body, but you don’t know how to actually change your perception of your body, or your eating habits. You want to be able to both accept your body AND make changes at the same time!

You feel foggy and tend to procrastinate. You want to have more mental clarity, productivity, and even more fun. You want to have more capacity to do what you’re truly passionate about, and you want to en-JOY life more!

Don't worry, I've been there too...

If you're anything like I was...

You've tried different ways of eating, created rules for yourself, and tried to follow eating advice from all kinds of sources. You’ve tried all the meal plans, and maybe they’ve worked – until they don't anymore. And you’re feeling pretty lost and out of touch with your body. Because of all this, you don't have as much capacity to make the impact you deeply want to make in the world.

You want to feel good in your body – both more comfortable AND more confident. You want to stop feeling like you have to think so much about being healthy and instead just be healthy!! And then have the mental space and freedom to have fun, be productive, and connect deeply with friends, family, and yourself. Ultimately, you want to thrive in your body and your life, and to get unstuck – for good!

You know there’s got to be more from life than ‘work-hard, play-hard.’ So you’ve tried mindfulness practices, workout plans, self-help books, spiritual retreats, health workshops, etc. All this searching may have even taken you away from your own body intuition, and while you’ve heard that people can listen to their bodies and give them what they need, it feels out of reach. You want to trust your body and yourself, but you’re not sure how to start.

You are hard-working and driven, and you’ve probably achieved success in your school and career life. But that hasn’t gotten you where you want to be in your personal life. You want to feel like you have a sense of control over your health and your day-to-day experience. You want to feel confident in where your life is headed. And you want to actually enjoy the journey along the way!

But I promise: it CAN get better.

Imagine a world where...

You feel better than you've ever felt – light, energized, strong, capable. You no longer worry about all the things you “should” be doing for your health, both because you’ve developed self-compassion and because you’ve automated the habits you need to thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

You understand what your body is communicating with you – and how to give it what it needs.  And you intrinsically want to do what’s best for it because you have a deep respect and love for it and for yourself.

You’re living in integrity with your body, mind, and spirit, and have shed the uncomfortable feeling of not doing the things that actually make you feel good. You wake up ready to take on the day, confident in yourself and your abilities, and comfortable in your body.

You’ve finally released the overwhelm, taken control over your time and resources, and are living your purpose and passion – without procrastination!

Little things – and even big things! – don’t bother you so much anymore. You no longer take things so seriously, and you see the humor in all the little things. You’re no longer so critical (of yourself or others), and instead allow life to ebb and flow.

You actively enjoy your life. You’ve let go of the things that don’t serve you, learned to be gentle with yourself, and have incorporated more space and time in your life to pursue not just your goals, but also the things that bring you pleasure!

You too Can Live in that world.
It's time to do things differently.

Most of what you've been taught about
'How to be Healthy' is WRONG

It's outdated and ineffective.

So much of the wellness advice out there is about WHAT you 'should' do for your health.

But it's not telling you HOW to actually implement it.

And it's not tailoring that advice to YOU and your unique needs.

You see, optimizing your health is not about following a one-size-fits all meal plan. It's not about doing the 'right' morning routine. It's not about the 'perfect' workout plan.

You may have been led to believe that the reason you don't have this health stuff down is because you're lazy, or don't care enough, or don't have enough willpower, or are too 'messed up.'

But none of these things are true.

You need something that actually works for YOU. Your body type. Your current stage of life. The way Your brain works.

Because you're not broken.

You just haven't been given the right tools to succeed.

I Have A Different approach.

One that's more effective, more sustainable, easier to implement, and respects your unique health needs.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that each human being is different from the next, that we all have unique needs. So why is the wellness industry still creating one-size-fits all approaches??

I've created a methodology that takes into consideration your unique mind-body constitution, called doshas in Ayurveda (vata, pitta, and kapha), and called 'body types' in western sports physiology (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph).

It also takes into consideration any imbalances or discomfort you've been experiencing in your mind or body. Because actually, your afflictions are your greatest teachers – if you have the tools to decode them.

PLUS, most coaching programs, meal plans, exercise routines, personal trainers, nutritionists, meditation teachers, retreat facilitators, yoga teachers, etc. are going to tell you WHAT do to, and maybe they'll show you how to do it, but they're not going to train you in how to SUSTAIN it after you're done with them.

This is why diets fail, why you fall off the exercise routine after a couple months/weeks/days, why you stop meditating, why you gain the weight back, why you backslide whenever you finish working with someone.

so how do we do things differently to get you real results?

I've studied Biopsychology & Behavior Change for 10 years, Ayurveda and mind-body types for 8 years, and Nutrition & Food Psychology for 7 years.

And I've distilled everything I've learned into this program.

Happy Healthy Habits is a 14-week deep-dive into optimal health and a high performance mindset. And Hadlee (that's me!) is here with you for the whole ride.

HHH was designed with your uniqueness in mind. It was created to teach you how to be able to decipher what your body is communicating with you – and how to give it what it needs. It was built with the necessary training on how behavior change *actually* works, and how you can sustain it long after you're done with HHH.

And the thing is, once you graduate from this program, you don't fall back off the wagon. Because you've actually automated the health habits, the mindset shifts, how you're eating, your emotional processing, etc. They're just a part of your life now, and you do them on autopilot – leaving a heck of a lot more brain space to actually achieve all those big, audacious dreams I know you've got inside you.

And instead of just a pre-recorded course where you're on your own... I'm here with you the whole way.

We do have pre-recorded video modules paired with embodiment practices and reflections that are held on a student-only platform. These modules are the backbone of HHH and give you the foundational education necessary to up-level your health and mindset.

But what makes this program unique is our weekly LIVE calls for you to get further training, coaching, and support to actually implement – and then automate – these things in your life. These are not just Q&A calls where you come and ask questions, and if you don't have any questions then they're not very valuable. These are dynamic training calls that break you out of your typical subconscious patterns, allow you to see your potential, connect you with the rest of the HHH community, and make massive shifts on a week-to-week basis.

These live calls, and the dynamic community we build through them, is what sets us apart from other online programs. The community is not just there for accountability (though of course that's important too). The community is there to hold you to your highest potential. It's there to show you what's possible for you. It's there to catch your blind spots and lovingly redirect you. It's there to massively support your growth. Don't be surprised if you meet some of your new best friends in here!

MY HHH grads have already achieved What you're working toward

Hadlee really helped me see that it doesn't have to be hard. I can ENJOY being healthy!

I lost 25 pounds.
My grades skyrocketed at university.

I am now more focused, more grounded, and listening to my inner voice.

Happy Healthy Habits has been a fantastic life decision. You'll never regret it!

These Results Came from following my 3 phase Science-Backed Approach


Sync with your body's natural rhythms to optimize your physiology

These are the habits that support your body’s natural rhythms – how you’re meant to function. And they're more important than you think.

It's no wonder the 2017 Nobel Prize went to research on our bodies' circadian rhythms. Let's face it, in our current world, it's easy for us to diverge from the way nature intended our bodies to work.

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow the cycles of light and dark, usually on about a 24-hour cycle. Most people think that circadian rhythms only have to do with sleep, but they also have to do with wakefulness and alertness, mood regulation, microbiome health, anxiety relief, and metabolism and weight homeostasis.

In order to feel top-notch physically, experience optimal mental health, and perform at your best, syncing with your circadian rhythm is crucial.

And this is not just about getting enough sleep – it's about finding regularity in your schedule, and in your health habits. It's actually the main reason consistent habits are so important – you're literally syncing your body (and mind) with how it's meant to function!

So in this phase, you'll sync with your body rhythms through:
1. Sleep hygiene
2. Optimal exercise for your body type
3. Your morning routine
4. Your eating schedule

But these habits are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, we help you with tailor each habit to what’s actually going to suit you and your needs, your mind/body constitution, what’s going on in your life, and what your goals are, so you can actually benefit from them!

We help you engineer each of these habits to actually work for You, with the help of behavioral psychology & habit change science – so you don't just do the habits while you're in the program, but you actually AUTOMATE them.

Imagine having these habits down so you don't even think about them anymore. They're just automatic things you do every day, freeing up your mental space to actually pursue the things you're truly passionate about!

That's what you get when you join Happy Healthy Habits.


Leverage food psychology and decode the essential nutrition for your specific body type

You probably already know that nutrition is important, not just for a healthy functioning body, but also the mental clarity, focus, and energy you need to live a purposeful and fulfilling life where you're living at your full potential.

But most people are trying to optimize their nutrition through a specific diet or meal plan, which ultimately keeps them in the dark about how to respond to their body’s needs with food. 

Instead, it’s time to learn how to translate your body’s cues so that you can respond to them accordingly, and no longer rely on diets or meal plans. Diets and meal plans can only get you so far (and also don’t work in the long term), because they aren’t agile enough to respond to what your body needs. 

Being able to decode what your body is trying to tell you is a skill that most people in our culture haven't been taught. So it's not your fault if you haven't been able to figure this out for yourself yet!

But when do you finally master this, you become so free! You’re able to travel, socialize, do whatever, and still give yourself what you need to feel incredible every day – without needing to consult a diet or meal plan.

In this phase, I take the principles of intuitive eating and combine them with Ayurveda to help you eat optimally for your mind/body type, or dosha (also corroborated by western sports nutrition).

So instead of following food rules and restrictions, you're experimenting with the types of foods that work for YOU based on the frameworks of what works for each mind/body type.

You are unique, and the food that works for you is going to be different from anyone else. And it's also going to change throughout your life, and even from season to season.

So it's time to find a way to eat for You and Your specific needs!

And while many health coaches use rules and meal plans (including Ayurveda coaches!), we teach you through a lens of intuitive eating, body respect, and food psychology. This is so that you not only find what works and doesn't work for your body – but so that you also create an inner desire to actually WANT to give yourself what your body needs.


Regulate your nervous system and rewire your subconscious for emotional agility

Once you have the tangible habits down, once you optimize your food & relationship with your body, you've built the resilience to tackle what's underneath the surface – the stuff that's hanging out in your body, your nervous system, your subconscious.

This is the work that's most often overlooked in our culture, even in the wellness space.

But the thing is, without a regulated nervous system, you're going to burn out.

Without processing your emotions as they come, without allowing yourself to transmute them effectively, you'll likely to turn to self-sabotage and emotional numbing.

And without identifying and changing the beliefs that are currently running your subconscious mind, you're going to fall back into old patterns, and won't grow into the purposeful, successful, joyful life you've been dreaming of.

So in this phase, we utilize cutting-edge nervous system regulation practices, emotional agility tools, and subconscious rewiring techniques to help you cultivate the resilience it takes to create your high performance mindset.

By doing this work, you don’t get so tripped up by someone saying something snarky to you, or overthinking what you said at that party last night, or overgiving in your relationships.

You become more confident in your decisions. You get better at problem solving. You stop taking yourself so seriously and instead just enjoy the journey of your life.

And the cool thing is, this work also stops those old self-sabotage patterns – you stop numbing your emotions through overeating, watching Netflix, scrolling on social media, or whatever other behavior has kept you from doing what you ACTUALLY want to be doing.

Instead, you're able to process the emotion and respond accordingly, and then get back to what lights you up! So you can go forth and make your impact on the world.

With Happy Healthy Habits, You're Getting Over $10,000 Of Value

52 LIVE Coaching Calls ($2080 value)

You'll get access to our weekly live coaching calls for a full YEAR. This is so you have long-term support, and can continue to iterate on the habits and mindset shifts you learn in Happy Healthy Habits. We don't just give you the modules and say 'see ya!' after 14 weeks. Instead, you can take advantage of this incredible support for an entire year! 

Lifetime Access to All 14 Modules of HHH
($4800 value)

Each Phase of the program follows a step-by-step process designed to help you implement easily and easefully. Within each Phase are modules that break down not only what to do, but also how to actually implement, with the behavior change strategy necessary to achieve all of it in the long term.

Lifetime Access to the HHH Community

This community is fully private, fully engaging, and full of other HHH members who are there to support you, help you when you’re struggling, and celebrate your wins along the way. And you get to have this not just for 14 weeks, but for the rest of your life!

12 LIVE Somatic Practices ($1800 value)

These are not just your average meditation sessions. These practices are specifically designed to regulate your nervous system, embody what you're learning in HHH, and take your emotional processing to the next level – so you can tap into your True Self.

Peer Mentors (Priceless!)

Throughout HHH, you'll also have access to peer mentors who will help keep you accountable and support you along your journey. These mentors are graduates of HHH, and they've done the work. They understand what you're going through, and they're here to help you navigate HHH and get the results you came for!

30+ Exclusive Pre-Recorded Embodiment Practices ($2200)

You'll get access to over 30 meditations, visualizations, yoga classes, emotional processing exercises, embodiment practices, etc. to help you embody the teachings you learn in HHH.

And Even More Exclusive Pre-recorded BONUSES worth over $4000 (+ some surprise ones once you get inside!)

MASSIVE On-Demand Call Recording Vault, on almost any wellness topic you could ever want!
$2000 Value
5-Day Nervous System Reset Program
with Hadlee (that's me!)
$500 Value
Human Design Master Class with Hollie of
Shifting Light
$350 Value
Breathwork session with Ashley of
Yes Breathworks
$133 Value
Enneagram Workship with Jenn of
The Jenneagram
$155 Value
Your Relationship with Money Master Class
with Todd (yes, this is my husband!)
$155 Value
HHH Resources Guide to all things happy healthy-approved, plus fave product discounts!
$500 Value
Finances and Investing Master Class
with Todd (yes, my husband!)
$155 Value
Gardening Tutorial with our Resident
Gardening Enthusiast, Diane
$111 Value
Energy Healing Workshop with Brandon Yuenger of Step Forward Wellness
$111 Value

But that’s NOT what your investment in the program is

Happy Healthy Habits is only $2222

And you can get started for just $222 with our flexible payment option

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And That's Not All

Your Investment is Fully Backed by our 90-day Money-Back Guarantee!

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy clients. If you do the work in this program and aren't satisfied with your results, simply email our support team at support@happyhealthyhadlee.com requesting a full, immediate refund within 90 days of joining.

Will you take the leap to transform your health & mindset?

not Sure If this Program is For You?

Happy Healthy Habits is perfect for you if...

You’re ready to stop making excuses and get to the health and happiness you want… and deserve!

You want to cultivate a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your Self, and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

You're down with Ayurveda and want to dive into how it applies to you and your modern life.

You’ll still be committed to your desired transformation in 6 months, 10 months, a year…

You know that being in a community of like-minded people is the most powerful thing you can do to create the changes you want, and you’re excited to connect with other Happy Healthy humans. :)

You want the process of health to be less rigid… and more easeful and FUN!

Happy Healthy Habits is NOT the best fit for you if...

Your transformation won’t be that important to you in a few months.

You’re looking for a quick fix. We only offer long-term transformation here, and that might take longer than the quick fix you envision.

You just don’t really want to change things in your life to get to your goals. There’s nothing wrong with that, we’re just not a good fit!

You’re not quite ready to get uncomfortable investigating your excuses and limiting beliefs. Not everyone is yet, and that’s okay! We’ll be here when you’re ready.

You want something rigorous and difficult. While this work is definitely challenging, we try to make it as easeful as possible for all HHH members.

You’d rather not be part of a group. We are a community because we know that that is the most effective way to make change

ABout Hadlee

I'm so excited to share this program with you. I'm so passionate about teaching people like you how to optimize their health and mindset in order to truly live the life of their dreams. I created HHH to be so much more than your average online health coaching program. Instead, it is truly the holistic guide to living your happiest, healthiest life – it is essentially the program I wish I had had when I was struggling with my health, my energy levels, my mental wellbeing, and my capacity to show up in the world the way I wanted to.

My formal schooling is in psychology and behavior change, graduating from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, as well as an M.P.H. in Health Behavior and Health Education.

But I also have multiple trainings and certifications for practicing Ayurveda, a holistic health science from ancient India, much of which is now being proven by western scientific research.

I believe that it is the combination of modern western science and ancient health traditions that will help us not only heal our own bodies, but also heal the planet, and I'm so grateful to get to bring the two worlds together in my work.

The other piece of HHH that makes us stand out from other programs is its dynamic community. This is not another course that you sign up for and never really interact with. Our thriving community is here to support you every step of the way – from me, to the peer mentors, to the other members, you have so many layers of support.

It's important to me that this program isn't all about me. It's all about YOU. And the group dynamics inside it really reflect that collective ethos. I guarantee you'll be totally obsessed with the friends you make in here!


When does the program start?
How long do I get access to Happy Healthy Habits?
How does the payment plan work?
What makes Happy Healthy Habits different from other programs?
Will Happy Healthy Habits work for me?
What if I don't want to use Facebook?
What if I want to do one-on-one coaching?
What if I'm not sure it's the right time?
What if I'm not sure about the financial investment?
How much time do I need to dedicate to this program?
I've got other questions, where can I find answers?
How do I join Happy Healthy Habits?

Are you Ready To Invest in Yourself?

Find out if HHH is right for you
Schedule a Discovery Call with Hadlee to see if HHH is a fit for you & your health goals

Whatever your Hesitation is, I've Got you.

If you’ve already tried “all the things.” And they haven't worked.

I get it. I had too. And so had many of my clients. But the problem with most of those other things is that they may have told you what to do, but they didn’t teach you how to actually follow through, how to actually automate the habits you needed to succeed, how to work through the subconscious patterns holding you back.

Plus, many other offerings don’t have the dynamic, growth-oriented community we’ve got here in HHH. It’s not just another Facebook group that you join and never engage with. It’s a community full of like-minded people who are just as determined as you to make changes in their lives. The members in this community are supportive, kind, and welcoming. They’re also ready to help you troubleshoot challenges as they arise, lovingly challenge your limiting beliefs, and reflect back to you what you may not be able to see yourself (yet!). This is what makes HHH so different, and so much more successful than other programs!

If you're nervous about the financial investment

You're probably only worried about the investment because you're not sure it will work for you.

Think about it – if it was absolutely guaranteed that you could get the results you want from Happy Healthy Habits, would you do it?

How would your life change if you were to optimize your health and mindset in this program? How might you actually make more money OR save more money as a result of this transformation? 

I've had plenty of clients start saving hundreds of dollars a week from doing this program – simply because they got in alignment with what they actually WANT from life, and released the self-sabotage patterns that were costing them money.

I've also had plenty of clients increase their earning potential by improving their energy, their mental clarity, etc. and get a raise at work, change jobs to one that pays more, or start making more money in their own business as an entrepreneur!

The beautiful thing is, your success IS guaranteed here! If you do the work in HHH, but still don't get the results within 90 days of joining, you can simply reach out and get your money back!

We are so confident in your success here that we've removed all risk for you. All I want is to actually help you transform your health and your life, so let's get to it!

If you're nervous about the time commitment

I get it. Most people are. But this isn’t just “another thing” on your plate. We do our best around here to give you only the information you actually need to make the most efficient, effective transformation possible (with opportunities to dive deeper if you’d like to nerd out like we do!).

Most people are already experiencing a sense of overwhelm and a strained relationship with time. We have not only curated the content to be as digestible as possible: we actually have trainings on how to improve your relationship with time, decrease overwhelm, and stick with the program in a way that works for you.

So there’s really no reason not to join! We’ve got you covered.

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Get Started with Happy Healthy Habits and Enroll Today!

Find out if HHH is right for you
Schedule a Discovery Call with Hadlee to see if HHH is a fit for you & your health goals

Change your habits. Change your life.