Just Be

Jan 21, 2021

I often have people tell me that they know meditation is an important habit, but they just don’t have time in their day. Or, even if they do have time in their day, they get distracted by their phone, by Netflix, by Instagram, by that new podcast….

Sometimes it’s hard to take a pause from the incessant stimuli we have available to us at all times.

We get so accustomed to the barrage of information we’re taking in that we forget to get still and allow.

So we now know it’s important to take a pause and meditate, but I find that like so many things in our society, meditation becomes something we strive toward. It becomes something we have to make a lot of effort to implement, just like all the other habits.

But what if mindfulness and meditation was something we could ease our way into, and invite ourselves to practice, rather than making it such a big struggle? What if we could do that with all of our habits?

I’m all about ease. I help my clients incorporate the essential health habits that will allow them to thrive in their body, mind, and spirit. But I do it in a way that is easeful, in a way that allows them to lean back into the support of the habits instead of striving and efforting toward them.

In this short video, I address meditation and how we often make it a bigger production than it needs to be.


Instead of making mindfulness and meditation such a big production, how can you allow yourself to Just Be more?

If meditating on a cushion for 20 minutes at the same time each day isn’t achievable for you right now, that’s okay!

How can you instead take a tiny step toward allowing yourself to Just Be more often? Can you sit back and maybe lie down at your home office and take one minute to close your eyes and breathe? Can you escape to the bathroom while your kids are playing to allow yourself to breathe for one minute? Can you take a lap around the library to allow your nervous system to settle while you study?

How can this habit actually become attainable for you? Your mindfulness practice doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. You don’t have to follow any rules. Your mindfulness practice is for you, so allow it to be what you need!

Want to find out what habits might make the biggest difference for you at this point in your life? Take my curated Habits Quiz to find out!

Want to find out which habit might make the biggest difference in your life? Take the Healthy Habits Quiz below to find out!

Healthy Habits Quiz

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